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Today's scientists and technologists pursue careers all over the world.

Shibaura Institute of Technology is a great place to prepare for such a future.

It is the only private university in Japan selected for the Japanese government's exclusive Top Global University Project.

SIT is a multicultural science and technology university in Tokyo.

We welcome international students for undergraduate and postgraduate courses, many of which are available in English.

Join us and prepare for your global career.

About SIT

SIT offers twelve articles featured international student life.
You can get to know “Academic Studies in SIT”, “Living in Tokyo as Students”, and “University life at SIT”.


Research at SIT

Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT) is committed to using innovative research tools and information technologies to inspire and promote excellent inter-disciplinary research regardless of organizational affiliation or position within the wide spectrum of science.


Study at SIT

Featured Programs

SIT offers several programs for international students, who include bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral students, research and non-degree students. For details, please visit our official website.

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    Global Course of Engineering
    and Science (Postgraduate)

    Our Global Course of Engineering and Science (GEneS) is a new international master's course in the Graduate School of Science and Engineering. It was established in 2017 as a part of the Top Global University project. The philosophy of the course is "Learn from the world and contribute to the world." It includes studying abroad in a third country or serving an internship at a Japanese company.

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    Sandwich Program

    In the Sandwich Program, a student remains registered at his/her home university while studying six to twelve months at Shibaura Institute of Technology. Lectures and project supervision are given in English, with Japanese language lessons offered as well.

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    Research Exchange/Laboratory
    Internship Program

    Our Research Exchange/Laboratory Internship Program allows a student to work on a research project for up to one year under the supervision of an SIT faculty member.

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The Graduate School of Engineering and Science offers in-depth academic and research opportunities to students seeking advanced knowledge. Students can also learn managements skills in addition to many subjects in science and technology. In our undergraduate programs, students can build their own personalized curricula with courses from four academic faculties: the colleges of Engineering, System Engineering and Science, and Engineering and Design, and the School of Architecture.

  • Master's Program
    Arinze Michael Ogbugo
    Arinze Michael Ogbugo

    Japan is a great place to study engineering, especially for my major, electrical engineering. I chose SIT because SIT has strong networks with government and industry. The Global Technology Initiative Consortium, establish by SIT in 2015, is well known as the platform for the collaboration, in which a lot of cooperative activities are made to solve challenging problems faced by industry and government throughout the region.

  • Sandwich Program
    University of São Paulo
    Silvia Seki Hellmeister
    Silvia Seki Hellmeister

    I study Mechanical engineering,
    but here as I am on a sandwich program, I get to the subjects from different engineering and that's very interesting. So I choose some different ones that I won't be able to take in Brazil. Environment here is very nice.

Campus Life


We study at SIT and enjoy life in Japan!
Check out our videos “Living in Japan, “Life in SIT” and “SIT at a Glance.”

More Information on SIT

Shibaura Institute of Technology was established in 1927 by Shiro Arimoto with the motto "Nurturing engineers who learn from society and contribute to society." Our mission is to foster engineers and scientists who can learn from the world and contribute to global sustainability.To achieve it, SIT has formed partnerships with universities around the world that facilitate student exchange.We are the only private science and technology university recognized by the Japanese government as a Top Global University.

Shibaura Campus
Shibaura Campus
Toyosu Campus
Toyosu Campus
Omiya Campus
Omiya Campus
  • Undergraduate students(2017 academic year)

  • International students (undergraduate)(2016 academic year)

  • Partner universities & overseas institutes
    as of September 2017

  • Graduate students(2017 academic year)

  • International students (postgraduate)(2016 academic year)

  • SIT is the only private science and engineering university selected as a Top Global University*.

As of May 1st, 2017

*Top Global University: One of 37 universities chosen by the Japanese government to be role models for the global education.

Tuition & Scholarships

A Tuition and Scholarships page can be found on our official website.


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